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Best Sellers

Nineteen eighty-four is often referred to as on

 195.00  68.00

Review ?Resilience, happiness and freedom come

 499.00  175.00

Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Ri

 199.00  70.00

Human history has been shaped by three major re

 499.00  175.00

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho continues to chan

 350.00  123.00

Review Rock Star’s did whole hearted effo

 699.00  245.00

The year is 1971 Tension is brewing between Ind

 299.00  105.00

Only rarely does a sage of Paramhansa Yogananda

 150.00  53.00

IELTS or the International English Language Tes

 735.00  257.00

Crawling through the ruthless Mumbai traffic fo

 250.00  89.00

CBSE always believes in Global Trends of Educat

 399.00  140.00

To get to his heart, she seduced his mind What

 199.00  70.00

About the Author About the Author: Aditi Singha

 280.00  98.00

It is possible to bring more wealth, joy and lo

 175.00  61.00

Electric Machines
Author: Ashfaq Husain,

 399.00  140.00
Dhawal Chikani

Excellent Service. Huge list of book collection.

Dhawal Chikani
prathiksha katari

Find your favorite books and rent it , simple and easy way of process . I just appreciate team effort to provide requested books without any delay .

prathiksha katari
Namita Agarwal

Perfect online library. Great collection of books. Prompt delivery. Overall satisfied! Great discounts as well!

Namita Agarwal

Latest Blog

बेमतलब की चुड़ैल

बेमतलब की चुड़ैल


‘‘अगले हफ्ते तुम क्या कर रही हो?‘‘
समीक्षा ने चुप बैठे-बैठे अचानक से सवाल किया।
रति की आँखें तन गयीं-
समीक्षा ने एक बार को रति को घूरकर देखा। फिर मन ही मन जाने क्या चला, उसने निगाहें जमीन पर टिका दीं-
‘‘ऐसे ही। बस थोड़ा काम था।‘‘
रति ने भौंहे गोल करते हुए ताना कसा-
‘‘क्या काम? आज-कल बड़े काम याद आते हैं तुमको।‘‘
समीक्षा की आॅखें वैसे ही जमीन पर टिकी रहीं-
‘‘क्या कहूॅ?

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Misapprehension of TDS & Hardness for Drinking Water

Misapprehension of TDS & Hardness for Drinking Water


Total Dissolved Solid (TDS):

It is a measure of the dissolved combined content of all inorganic and organic substances in molecular, ionized or suspended form (colloidal sol).

[Its operational definition is that the particles must be small enough to survive filtration through a filter with 2 micrometer pores.]

The desirable value of TDS is 500 ppm (particles per million) and permissible value is 2000 ppm.

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Depression: Symptoms & Solutions [Explained with Video]

Depression: Symptoms & Solutions [Explained with Video]


Depression is the self limiting sadness provoked by some personal tragedy, & that persist often without an apparent cause.


  • Ongoing sadness or Anxiety
  • Trouble concentrating or making decisions
  • Loss of interest in activities,hobbies
  • Loss of Libido
  • Irritability or change in personality
  • Excessive crying
  • Change in sleep pattern.Like insomnia or excessive sleep
  • Feeling of hopelessness,worthlessness,
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