Pride Rider : A Boy

Pride Rider : A Boy

When a boy
Have to drive a scooter
He only knows
What he expresses himself!

Loudly loud bullet
He also likes a lot,
Splendid sports bike
He too aspired to be,
When people from side to side
With their motorcycles go beyond him
With the speed ​​of even less than a hundred cc
He also had a pain in his mind,

Amid Lightning-fast stacks of motorbikes
From the sight of girls trampling him
He also has great vibrancy,
But he understands the responsibility…

Always he examines
Father’s compulsions a lot in the heart,
He witnesses
How mother dissolve
Expenses of household
Behind her smile,
He simply sneaks in just as quietly.

With the Scooty came from father’s honesty
After handling all his work s on roads
By removing the expense of his happiness
Over the burden of homely-needs
He takes all the feelings to follow him
Who often tease him…
When a boy drives Scooty, he knows
How even in his defeat, he wins his victory!

Published by

Ashish Anand Arya "Ichchhit"

As well as a Writer, also I am a Pen Artist... Love to Draw all the stories by ABSTRACT-ART

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