A Non-Character Fairy

A Non-Character Fairy

A fairy who knows to fly, who know the levitation. But in this tale, I am not going to share some imaginary or innovative streams of ideas related to fairy tales. The concept of this story based on common issues. Let’s see forth.

This was my one of worst memory when I was in 2nd standard. This past was still is in my mind in concrete way. So, now imagine how worst it is.

Occasionally, there was a performance that going to prepare from my standard. So, my teachers came for selection of girls who are good in look in the sense of fairy. Because, performance was based on fairy dance. All girls of my class are very excited to get dress-up in a fairy, by holding a star wand like all fairy does..

Teachers came and they choose all girls except two. So, now why they dont choose the last two…The answer was not too critical to give was that the two girls was dark complexion.

As we step ahead, they said no, these girls are enough to perform. you both go back to the class. That time i was not make my mind action but later I realised what was the reason for not choosing us as fairy.

Later, my friends showed me that white silverish dress of fairy, a wand, a crown, a silverish heels which was looking enough attractive for making me down. I was completely amazed with them. And obviously i was happy for my fellows, but a small corner of my heart was sad not cause my teacher didn’t choose me, but for…

Why fairies are not in dusky shade….

why all fairies have fair tone…..

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Ayushi Yadav

Yet im pursuing Bsc nursing last year im not so much good in authorization but i love write something based on real events thats make me and my personality different from other

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