Random Thoughts Of A TONGA CHAP

Random Thoughts Of A TONGA CHAP

© 2021 by Gibson Mphemvu

To God be the glory for the gift of writing

Copyright © 2021 Gibson Mphemvu
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the written permission of the publisher.

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Dedication 6
Preface 7
Time Heals 8
Dry Tears 9
I Do Not 10
Last Conversation 11
I Wish 12
Don’t 13
Is it Love or? 15
Poor Girl Child 17
Shes Mine 18
One More Word 19
Moving On 21
It Hurts 22
Should We? 23
My Mysterious Boyfriend 24
Not Just a Vessel of Pleasure 25
Dearest Wish 26
It Can Only Be God 27
The Brilliant Idiots 28
A Toast 29
Chase Mine 30
The One 32
At The Edge 33
Dressing for Success 34
Exceptional Beauty 35
To the Me in Me 36
Conversations Within Me 37
Family 38
For a Stound 39
I Shall Speak 40
Beautiful Stranger 41
When I am with You 43
On You 44
My Past 45
We 46
Special Secret 47
Tell It 48
Four Lettered; One Word 49
The Special Chi 50


To Dad and Mom (MelGibson and Fanny Mphemvu)

As a writer, being exposed to various scenarios and or settings drives me into a couple of words in line with my feelings definition. They all seem somewhat random and they come at random moments, but their specialty lies at capturing such moments into words one could comprehend. This e-book is no different, as it comprises of poetical pieces of themes that touch various spheres of life, i.e. nature, family, love, death, and life itself at large; from such random moments and thoughts. Bingo! Brace yourself, comrade, for this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Time Heals

Sometimes I feel like everything is falling apart
Like my hands are chained to a heap of curses that everything I try never works out
Somewhat giving up hits a different nerve of the stand,
working hard pays no more,
and a bath in the rains of positivity never seem normal
Much that the thought of a lent for a fist worth knocking down the door to success wouldn’t hurt anymore,
As my ancestors seem to have given a cold shoulder to their own making
For the vows, they made to watch over my soul when it rips apart follows a different treat on my subordinate spirit
but I never seize my sight for success nor blink for a second
For I believe in time and mine will surely come
and I will be healed

Dry Tears

my mouth is weary and my face looks all pale,
my feet can’t carry me any close to an extra mile,
and worse still, my twitchy eyes are all heavy, now for a while
I’m in the path of moments words wouldn’t tap out their extent of displeasure,
moments I sometimes doubt myself for a seat into this life’s boat,
moments I feel my breath would be worthy being cut short,
thinking maybe my chest deserves not each of its beats,
moments I found myself downtrodden,
and my eyes break into speeches of volumes of tears
But slowly into dry mode

I Do Not

I don’t want to dig much deeper, look much further nor search for much more
I don’t want to swing around like a golf ball only to land into some trap anymore
I don’t want to walk much more steps or keep my eyes up to the sky much longer,
least birds bath me with their natural aid
I don’t want to seek for much more, hope for much more grace, or beg for extra mercy
I don’t want to run an extra mile nor travel into places where I won’t find you
For there is no much I could ask for other than to be with you

Last Conversation

It’s been four solid months since we exchanged verbs and held on to our felicitous faces as one
Worse still feels much more like decades apart
Hugs of loneliness, kisses of solitariness, and speeches of infrequent sense
Bathed in tears for the memories of the words we conversed before our heartfelt goodbyes
“usakandiiwale” you said, over and over and over again
“chonde usakandiiwale” you said with clarity once more,
worn in your shaky lips as you straightened your eyes into mine,
leaned on my shoulder and whispered in my ears “I love you and I’ll always do”
And I solemnly swore never to let go of your splendor
on our last conversation

I Wish

I wish we all had that determined mind,
that strong, reasonable, and vision able mind
that unquestionable, undeniable and irrefutable mind
the mind that senses opportunity in every difficulty
the mind that sees success in every downfall
the mind that craves for every opportunity and finds it worth fighting for

I wish we all met in our scary heavy dreams,
sat on the table and reason a little
only to pen something down worth a Jews eye,
than just pointing fingers at each other
As that carries no weight of change
For we would battle from sunrise to sunset
Exchanging verbs, insults, and profanities till we lose sight
and earn close to no price of the entity

I wish we were smart enough to see through our mistakes
and reason through our differences,
to examine our flaws and strengthen our abilities,
to question our irresponsibilities and condemn our very selves


I don’t want to be so much political or judgmental
But I wouldn’t sit and keep on feeding my eyes with
the once called the warm heart of Africa
switching lanes into something strange fitting no term
of explaining its existence
in the name of democracy

Viva Malawi
Proud and happy we were when anyone mentioned the name of our country
Nyasaland, enclosed inside our mother Africa with love
The continent we have always been proud of calling our home
Home, where life begins and love never ends
Family, one blood Africa, Malawi
How nice it was to point a finger at it with the title of peace embraced sincerely

I then fear what my country has grown to lately
The country where the exchange of hands with clenched fingers fits to be the right way of resolving conflicts
Despite the brother, sister, father, mother, son, and daughter relationship in which words were once enough to put to rest their differences
The country where drops of blood are believed to be driving multiples into unlimited riches
sacrificing its own alive
The country in which thieves have the power of making laws while sitting at high tables,
blindfolding the poor behind corruption which knocks on every man’s door leaving its footsteps
on everyone’s lips crying and drowning in the pool of their relentless tears
The country where the rich prey on the innocents,
where man has finally lost identity and they can’t recognize themselves,
where to youths employment comes only with the price of giving out their bodies,
where millions are suffering and the spirit of one blood, one Malawi, one nation still remains a mystery,
where statues of peace hold no stand anymore as they fall daily
The country where inadequacy of medical equipment, learning resources, and all that kept us moving
forward is now our national anthem in silence
As we are paused on the voiceless mode in fear of committing treason

Funny how people justify their irresponsibility and condemn others
I believe this is not the Nyasaland our ancestors got their hearts bruised, fought, and died for
I believe this is not the Nyasaland John Chilembwe, Chakufwa Chihana, Rose Chibambo and Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda could have settled for
They fought for the better
And if it was peace they wanted, we do too
If it was good health, education for all, anti-corruption, no to nepotism and favoritism, equity and equality that they struggled so much for, we do too
If these sudden deaths of albinos and inhumane nature could ring bells to them back then, believe me so it does to us

So what if we start by questioning our doings before we question the results
What if we look at our present before we expect a better future?
What if we hold hands and get ready for a new start?
“Poti mutu umodzi susenza denga”
Unity is the answer
This is not a one mans fight
So don’t point fingers at me

Is it Love or?

Well, I slept late yesternight
About thirty seconds before my eyes run weary
So, I could at least freely close my eyelids and draw myself close to my first form of death
Or nearly having a conversation with my maker steps away from this earth
I then felt a bump of thoughts in my head
One heavy class of question
And I overheard its wispy whispers like:
“Is what we label as love really love or?”

A few seconds of silence went by
As I was gathering my senses together

I grew up in a society where
greetings, respect, trust, inviolable sense of humor, and moral being
qualified in the journal of the definitions of love
Nevertheless, enough to brag about the possession of such traits
for a good man or woman, you would seem to be

Love at first sight
True yeah? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?
Maybe just another fallacy,
another theological spin maybe
another theoretical imbalance maybe
Okay, so you scratch my back and I scratch yours in return (Is it love or?)
Okay, so truth be told, you the first on my wish list of those I want to forever be with (Is it love or?)
Okay, so I don’t really find pride in seeing you all sad nor drowned in that somber mood (Is it love or?)
Okay, let’s get this straight, not only would a ring look good on your finger but a smile on your face would grace the moment (Is it love or?)
Okay, you carry me in a bag of praise expressions like;
how much my outfit compliments my figure,
how my smile matches the fragrance on my face,
how the label of beauty and gorgeousness befits me,
how fascinating it feels being around me,
how every of my breath is worth in your book of mysteries (Is it love or?)
How about that which finds space in our merited hearts and dwells in it (Is it love or?)

Poor Girl Child

I will speak of what I feel,
when I see men beating to death their beloved women
in the name of she is my property I paid Lobola, remember?”

I will speak of what I feel,
when I hear rape cases and I see the defendant rise up in awe and says
I don’t care but we all know these creatures are subordinates, right?
“they are just crafts of pleasure” he adds

I will speak of girl child education
which they seem to be so much bragging about,
eventually forgetting its only in cities and towns where they preach the gospel,
in hard to reach areas it still remains a dream
as girls are still being forced into marriages they never dreamt of

I will speak of sexual harassment,
a fight we agreed to hold hands and fight as one so we win
It all feels ordinary hearing stories about a teacher was ruining a girls privacy,
sex for grades they call it in which withdrawal or failure is the payback for a No,
poor girl child

I will speak on top of my voice
despite my loud screams never being heard,
for, isn’t it equality we sing of when we call for women to participate in high offices but do we?
Do we, Sigh!

She’s Mine

I heard the stories her friends had been telling her about me,
about how I flirt around with other girls and label them as my friends,
about how I enjoy their company with no pretense nor second thoughts,
about how much alive I get to be when around their ill minds
It’s funny how she interprets it all and only choose to define me as chilly
Different from her friend’s expectations
For she values me in me
She accepts me as me
She understands what drew her close to me
And no words fill me with bliss than saying “she’s and she’ll always be mine”

One More Word

Deeper are the empty spaces of my desirable heart for your love
The complex is my hollow passion and affection with the sincerity from above
Devoid is my celestial indifference for the greatness you have
The beauty on your face
The love you embrace
And the purity in your breath
Worn with the sense of belonging like a skin-made necklace
With so much promise

As my love for you grows every moment
Time goes with the growth of your sweet tender smile
As I keep on waiting for time to pass a little while
When love will just be comfortable
When you will know the boundaries not to play with my heart
When you will get to understand the pleasure hidden in our hearts

And so I solemnly swear
If being called out to loving you is to be poisoned, then I prefer to die this very instant
Have my heart and am ready to have yours
Take my love and am ready to take yours
Scramble through my imperfections and am ready to handle yours

So give me your hand and let’s dance
To the beats of our love
Blow my mind all along
As I move to the right and you take me to the left
Stepping on the serenity of your indebt
Holding on as you take me through it all
With this symbol of commitment

Moving On

See, life has not always been a bed of roses over the years
I have been hurt, despised, and stepped on like a doormat
I have been taken for granted and seen unworthy of this life’s grace hat
I have had more than a thousand reasons to doubt my existence as a human
My wishes have kissed the dust earlier than I ever thought
My dreams have tasted no dime of the share to the page of reality
My sacrifice of loyalty has run weary of being taken advantage of with no remorse
My turn to the shake of true love and or trust hasn’t come to pass much worse,
but I have learned lessons the hard way through it all
“to move on when odds go against what I stand for” above all

It Hurts

pain of
loving and not being
loved in return

unfulfilling rage
of faking smiles
for the promises unkept

distress that
gloves pure hearts

the bond of commitment
that amounts to
a zero sentence of notice
surely hurts

Should We?

Should we say we love it when we end our conversations without smiley faces?
Putting full stops to the sentences of our disagreements in suspense

Should we say we are finally ready to put to rest our joyous souls of love
Quenching the thirst of our jealous selves

Should we doubt the abilities we held and surrender in silence?
Bailing out of our undrawn boundaries

Should we cease at the traffic lights?
For we have lost the sense of direction

Should we renounce the vowels we read, spelt, and took an oath to?
With the fear of what we have lately been and got pinned to

Should we cast off the smiles we brought on each other’s face
And turn our backs on

Should we burry our grievances inside the goodbye verdict,
promising to cut ties and never hang on
while we are stuck in the loop of our imbalance
Should we?

My Mysterious Boyfriend

He wakes me up with a call gloved in his sweetly deep voice asking how good my night was,
reminding me of how special of a woman I am in his eyes
If it is not caring that drives his senses to make sure I have had my favorite breakfast, lunch, and supper then I have no word to fit its description
He knows what exactly to say and when to say it “man of his words” so he brags to be,
the loophole where my laughter dwells rests on his chest
He has his own ways of making me blush every time I see my phone ringing or a call from him
For he never gets tired of spelling of how much he misses me even if it meant I say nothing in return
He never gets tired of spelling of how he imagines his life being perfect with me besides his breath
much that every time my mind sketches the glance of his being, my heart beats in silent rhythms only him would hear
I swear “to see him is my deepest heart desire

Not Just a Vessel of Pleasure

No weight of words, line of verbs
and or amount of speeches
would ever step on the shadow of my gem
nor replace the degree of freedom
that dawns on me

No sum of muscles, indifferent spirits, and or scary faces
would ever conquer my perceptive insight
and see me on my knees,
in surrender to your ignorant so-called superpowers

For, like an eagle, I will soar,
ready to fight the good fight.
I believe I’m strong in my own making,
I’m perfect for my destiny’s calling,
So, you never mistake me for a misfit for my purpose
and much worse never take me for a vessel of pleasure in this life’s verse

Dearest Wish

I have had a heap of words and phrases taped to the ceiling of my mouth
Words my tongue has kept unspoken,
and phrases my heart stood on, unshaken
I have had a mountain of thoughts labeled on my nerves,
thoughts of drawing love in the ink of stars, with you
I have had a farm of pages full of wishes so tender,
wishing you would someday lean on my shoulder,
wishing you would turn up the volume of my heart beats for you,
wishing our eyes would meet at a fixed gaze of your splendor,
while casting our lovely souls to the moon.
So, how about you lend me your ears as I whisper of my love for you

It Can Only Be God

At first, I thought I had earned all the power this world had to offer
For, I had the mandate to choose what and not what to see
I had the senses to tell who and not who to extend my instincts of trust to
I thought I had the world tattooed on my forehead
No man would ever have a say if it meant no praise in my ear
“Long live our king” is the only tone of letters I would dance to
Until I realized I am just a man, made by His grace and mercy
Surviving under His specialty of divinity
More still than I would cease to live in a snap of fingers if He chose to call out for the expiration of my existence,
He is the Alpha and Omega
And it can only be Him who deserves all the worship and praise

The Brilliant Idiots

I met a group of enigmatic idiots,
They had brains like chipped machines with letters of wisdom drawn on their hearts
Their eyes glutched out ink of stars whenever depression waved across their esteem
They had pills of confidence hidden under their tongues, words which demanded creations indifference
They had figures of relevance and dialects signed between their inhumane nature and compassion
But it was all in vain
For they still share the struggle to make ends meet with those jesters
Misfortunes pronounce their names with pride at present
As poverty befriend the blind eye for their vision to success

A Toast

And so how about we raise our glasses for;
A toast to the ones who betrayed us but their wishes never came true
A toast to all back biters, for the cycle, continued and what they spitted caught our ears in blue
A toast to all those who prayed for our downfall, only to see them clapping hands to our uprise for a greater call
A toast to all who cursed the uncursed curses which fell in our way but we still fell forward to greatness
A toast to all who assumed turning our better days to their own glory but tasted none
A toast to all mongers who hoped for our crumble only to face their own
A toast to the ones who grounded sorrow for happiness and joy is all we reaped
A toast to the ones who saw us as ungentle but gentle is what we all became
A toast to the ones who defined beauty, amazement, and preciousness in their own words and thought it would suit us all but our necks chose to be filled with much more
A toast to all who had already written their ‘rest in peace’ notes only to be amazed seeing us keep on waking up
A toast to those who closed the chapters of our lives only to find new ones open up right after
For their days were numbered and so chose to read the story of our lives and paid no attention to writing theirs

Chase Mine

The smiles we fake as we grow,
the moments we bury in silent screams as we crawl,
the number of cheerful expressions we play deke
for the shadows of our inner selves don’t shine so pure as the world sees us in blinks and winks,
the chapters of the battles we fight in mute mode
yet to be told,
When tables turn towards our side of the story


Is it not your love that never slips people’s mouths?
Being unconditional and always reliable so they say
Irreversible, not jealous, and responsible in any way
So much that your eyes tell when you feel it
Your mind speaks and you live to testify about it

Is it not your undivided attention that literature acknowledges being superior?
Is it not your caring heart that people clap hands to?
Cherish and never put questions to
Raise their thumbs and appreciate in salute
As to sacrifice yourself never seize to be your option

Where is that love I awaited to open my eyes to?
Where is that care I joyously bragged about and promised to live for?
Where is that charming heart I heard of with certainty?
For I believed you would bring me happiness and joy
As I was to be welcomed with a loud scream to the world

The One

I know I’m no good at this game,
I know my scent rings no bells of aroma nor does my name,
I know I’m more of a single creature with divided hearts,
And so, stars laugh to my disgrace as I doubt my doubts
Soon after the sentence of being imperative
and face the burn of the dark skies

So, what if I told you that I had to face it
What if I told you that I had to lean on my own chest, only to feel no beat?
What if I told you that I withdrew every thought of cursing my face down to my feet?
In the name of love, again
But every time I open my ears, my instincts tell me otherwise of you
And so I would rather fall with you
then to stand with the sense of betrayal as my new seat
For you are the one

At The Edge

‘Not every fight is worthy clenching your fingers for, they said
choose your fights instead,
but I’m living on pills for energy to drive myself close to the right hand of her breath,
I’m forcing my instincts to stand on my feet for the fear of my own feelings death
And all I hear is people defining all this as being paranoid

Never give up are the notes they fill my head with,
‘It will work out, just play it cool you will get it over with,
But I then hear echoes of sorrowful voices and hisses in silence,
in need to blossom and kiss the sun rays,
screaming for rescue to bandage my bruised heart and somberness,
with her embrace

Maybe this dimensional face I find myself on;
is just a step away from my version of paradise?

Dressing for Success

So as I put on the sapience armor
and fasten the seat belts of wisdom
Wisdom to the reason for the excellence
Excellence with relevance and change
Change for the mysteries of truth
The truth of life and victory

I then hear success knocking on the door of my incompetence
Unveiling the legitimacy, I pause on
Claiming my thoughts and my vivid perceptions
Promising never to give an inch for a mile of my pure vision
And so,
If it is to die
I would rather die trying
If it is to cry
I would rather cry progressing and advancing
If it is to strive
I would love to strive while seeing the clock ticking
for my success

Exceptional Beauty

The sounds from the countryside beam of comfort from your gorgeousness
The light of the stars under your glory tremble with cheerfulness
As painters paint pictures in the color of your smiles
Preachers preach of the verses of your amazement
Worshipers bow their heads down in honor of your despicable splendor
Teachers teach from the literature of your beauteous existence
Writers write letters of love enclosed in envelopes written from the arts of your overwhelming perfection
Designers blend fashions on the basis of your comeliness
Scholars tirelessly study the root of the beauty you embrace
Warriors fight with strength exhaled from your divine fragrance
And so readers read of the letters of love written in the ink of stars from your pleasantness
Kings solemnly praise as nature sends yes notes addressed to your blessedness
For your beauty and eminence is proficiently exceptional
Dear God

To the Me in Me

Lately, I have been questioning my insecurities trying to find the missing part of me
I have been questioning my instincts trying to figure out what I should really be
Trying to get me off the grid maybe it’s high time I deserve to be the better version of me
Trying to take a run at the bitter part of me
Me in me that seem so weary at trying
The me in me that sees no good in everything
The me in me that holds on to standing but never walk
Me in me that gives birth to thoughts but never act
The me in me that breeds no thought of shifting the mindset
Me in me that perceives nothing worth it

I want to get hold and press the delete button of this unpleasing me
I want to cling to the better me that is about to rise in me
The relentless me
The resolute me
Enrooting the pleasures that sheltered and found their comfort zone in me

So as I pray,
Dear Lord
Build-in me what you want me to be
Break these chains am dressed in and set me free
Unquench the thirst of my heart’s desire and cleanse me
Make in me your vessel of purpose
Unveil in me your divine significance and prominence
For I can’t be me without your sacred abundance

Conversations Within Me

Of late, I have been drawing a map of feelings on me
A cemented bag of sensible expressions I can’t help but live to see its inclusions blooming into actuality
The feeling of having you next to me
The feeling of living our dreams at last
The feeling of being under your arms and inhaling peace at its best
The feeling of having my headrest on your chest while listening to the echoes of the beating of your heart
Knowing it all beats for me
The feeling of seeing myself as a grown and responsible man
Holding close your sacred breath
Never to lose its grasp
The feeling of leaning on your shoulder gracing your ears with stories about how much of a good day I had at work
As I fish out of my pockets a gift I had bought you on my way home
Knowing how much you enjoy the loveliness on bracelets with 5 words on it “Till Death Do Us Part”
And so you softly look into my eyes worn in that gorgeous smile
And gracefully stammer out eight letters “I Love You”


I grew up in a family where phrases like let’s close our eyes and pray, let’s bow our heads in praise, and let’s hold our hands in grace dwelled in our hearts with blessedness
Prayer, the code of humanity
The family where closing eyes right after waking up in recognition of the power of the amazing father was a daily routine
The family where the proverb of nobody being perfect was never a mystery as we always held on to praying, crying, and asking for forgiveness
God first and all shall follow words that kept ringing bells day after day
Blessings after blessings measuring up wave after wave all the way
And then one blood, one family and one father, the power of love at heart living by the example of our Holy father
Purpose and faith bled like blood from a fresh wound in our lives
Sweet how we could gather around and share stories of how much faith the Lord has been to all of us with smiles showering in our hearts like rains in summer, so beautiful
And so Pops could raise his glass for a toast of felicity, celebrating the blessing of the family we had
The value of God tattooed on our tongues
As we were committed to Him and so He was committed to us
Through the power of family

For a Stound

For a stound I finally fell in love
For a stound I finally felt the whole world standing next to me
For a stound I felt my heart beating yes for all that surrounded me
For a stound I finally felt happiness in the bottle of my heart
For a stound I finally spelled beauty and amazement with real grace
For a stound I finally felt like walking on the steam of affection without a chase
For a stound I built castles in the air and smelt reality
Then in a stound, it was all gone like it never existed

It was all a dream

I Shall Speak

I shall speak on behalf of the weaken whose mouths got closed in despair
I shall speak for the cripple minded whose feelings have been hurt
and so they suffer in silence
I shall speak in place of the voiceless whose thoughts and screams would never be heard
I shall speak with love for freedom on behalf of the chained
For the taste of one nation, one mind still remains a chapter of whisper
With our nation in the mouth of terror

I shall speak the truth for the oppressed and justice for the offended
I shall speak hope for the disguised who have been broken-hearted
I shall speak peace for the heavy-hearted, satisfaction to the long sufferers, and joy to the tear bearers
I shall speak strength to the weary whose sense of power dilapidates every second
For the taste of one nation, one mind still remains a chapter of whisper
With our nation in the mouth of terror

Beautiful Stranger

She got her eyes spelling every letter in perfection,
Her hair fairly plaited in a suit to the rhythms of her breath,
Figuratively stitched to her specialty
Her figure compliments nature with a complete sense

She got a skin of a one-year-old,
so soft and melancholy
Her face labeled with shiny bubbles in signatures of beauty
Her voice like that of sweet birds on a beautiful, restful day
Echoes of her affection loud as the smell of a fresh rose flower
And so, my heart bows to her beauty
In tongues only she understands
But she is a stranger in my eyes


I might have run out of words in an expression of how my heart beats relentlessly on your glance,
I might have knelt down to the bounty of disbelief having stood a step close to your breath,
the overwhelmed version of me couldn’t stand the sound of your laughter, the smile on your face, and your magical voice that kept my ears high toned,
I got compelled with the fear of your perfect imperfections,
much that the courage to summon the sentences of my love for you got cuffed next to reverence

When I am with You

Isn’t it all angelical about the way you smile,
about the way you carry yourself in that figure worth no price
nor close to any dime,
about how your lips are all sugarcoated and gloved into a thousand sweet styles,
no wonder I can never get enough of you
for hours seem like seconds
and seconds mount to a million of my heartbeats every time my eyes get a glance of your amazement
so prepare a seat and let these words find a home in your heart
I love you

On You

Pain may fluctuate my body,
afflictions may redesign my speech,
misfortunes may befriend my existence,
trauma may fill my essence with dread,
woe may turn my usual face pale,
with failure drawing my head down,
But the thought of having you in my life keeps me going
For I see fire dancing on water when I face your eyes
With potential, opportunities and possibilities
tagged all over you

My Past

I have learned to honor my past,
not that it defines me,
not that it could tell what my tomorrow will be,
not that it surpasses my present,
not that it graces me with enchantment,
not that it gloves my adorable future,
not that it makes rains of smiles dwell on me,
not that it enriches my moments with laughter
nor glorious thoughts
But for the lessons, I have had through it all


Let us dine under the stars,
and watch our stances on the surface of our hearts
As we delight in moments of our private selves

Let us breathe the energy of the words we buried for decades
in search for us
As we smile at each other

Special Secret

Tell me a secret,
not that of which I could easily memorize of course,
not that of which your eyes could easily tell either

Commune within
as you thrust inside you,
give your ears a moment of silence,
probe your spirit for true words
and tell me a secret
only your heart knows of

Tell It

Tell the story however different you wish to
Twist its intended value
and create your own meaning
that satisfies and suits your expectations
I wont argue nor play the debate cards
for I have at heart what I meant
When I said: I need you
When I said: I cant live without you
and when I said: My heart beats for you in more than just a thousand ways’

Four Lettered; One Word

In case misfortunes denounce our privileges
much that, the seas and oceans to water our affections’ seed run dry
and our godly sweet souls melt through dividends
drawing the closure of our hearts’ eyes
as windows of what our mouths uttered in true faith face shutters
and the sky never turn blue on our faces
Just open up your lips and say the magic word love
For its definition and eminence will always stand right beside us

The Special Chi

I hereby confess my heart;
I havent been so much familiar with the expression of love,
no wander I trembled at your heart beats the first day I held you in my arms
I might have felt like a bug slumming into a windshield
much that I run out of words, but the truth is:
there is a covenant my soul would love to solemnly affirm
and that is to be with you

Gibson Mphemvu is a Malawian author, a poet who is working so hard to make an impact through writing. He primarily focuses on creatively sharing his journey and lessons as he walks into manhood and into love. Gibson vows to share his art to inspire men to be a voice of hope to women who have lost faith in good men.
During the time he was writing this book, Gibson was in fourth-year at the University of Livingstonia. Being a student, Gibson looks forward to learning more; be it spiritually, physically, and emotionally as well as all other endeavors of life. This is his fourth book of literature, which he hopes will be helpful in touching many hearts and minds to become better people.

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