Author: Shashwat Singh

Dear Poor Readers!

Dear Poor Readers!
You have to resist this…

Hey! I am not Okay!
It doesn’t mean,
I can’t afford a smile.
Sometimes, I do pretend
but sometimes, I don’t have to.
Pretending yourself happy
won’t make you cure…
But It’ll keep them happy,
who cares ’bout you.

I know you could afford a smile while reading me. 😊


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The Greeneries of my Childhood

In the meadows of valley,

The greyish cover of clouds

Chirping of birds peacefully

Neither some park, nor some wood

These are

The greeneries of my Childhood!


I do remember

Those long playing hours

And that gentle call for meal

The sight from the tower

makes me heal

curing the wounds of sorrows

leapt with my fortune history


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She’s not worthy.

Character catches beauty,

Fielder catches ball.

She’s not worthy of your arms ,

Let her fall..

When I began to lit

my life with happiness

She pretended to be a part

Actually, She wasn’t worthy of it..

Once She asked me

What makes you happy

I told her ,

You and me together

Under vast sky

And long talks

She took interest for a while

Which wasn’t enough

But sometimes you have to

Be happy with your memories

When life is on taking mode…

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