Author: Pragyashree Choudhury

The difference!!

Still waiting for that bus, to board together? You don’t know that they’re not coming? Oh. Well. Who would even tell you. See then, I’m saying : they’re not coming. Or, well, wait, they left, long before. I know none of their actions ever seemed that they were planning to do that, maybe they never planned, they just fell into the line. You had pretty different destinations and boarding the same bus would’ve taken you like,

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And, it ended.

Unknown people were they who, by fate, got connected by a narrow piece of thread. The thread that once promised to turn out into a full woven piece of fabric, the thread that once promised to connect each other’s world, now, lie there somewhere in the null, unattended and unseen.
Did they fall apart? What did actually happen? Where did they go wrong?They kept on thinking but neither of them found the path to their answers.

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